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Camera Taxi Insurance - safety and savings, hand in hand

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As irresponsible drivers push insurance premiums ever higher, BP Insurance Brokers have a solution that can help taxi drivers to keep their costs low. Camera Taxi Insurance is a new concept in Taxi Insurance, using state of the art recording technology to give a clear picture of what happens around your vehicle. In the event of an accident, you're safe from any fraudulent claims, as the camera's irrefutable evidence proves you weren't at fault.

The process is simple. Take out a Taxi Insurance policy through BP Insurance Brokers and, through our partnership with insurers Markerstudy, we'll supply and arrange the fitting of a compact Smart Witness video camera - the smallest vehicle journey recorder in the world. (Please note: the Smart Witness camera is supplied free of charge; an additional fee applies for fitting.)

Equipped with a 3-axis shock sensor and built-in GPS receiver integrated with Google Maps, this revolutionary camera captures accurate motion data as well as high quality video footage. It's so compact that it could even fit behind your rear view mirror, and is the only unit currently on the market with an E9 mark from TUV in Germany - testament to its reliability and accuracy. Click here to see more details on the Smart Witness camera.

The effectiveness of Camera Taxi Insurance has been shown in a huge number of cases, and by way of recognition of your commitment to keeping our roads safe, BP Insurance Brokers and Markerstudy can offer this camera to you for free. (a small charge is made for fitting).

With Camera Taxi Insurance, knowledge is power

Of course, the value of a Camera Taxi Insurance policy is down to how much data is available. The information recorded by the Smart Witness shows the movement of your taxi, as well as the speed of that movement, so can prove when the vehicle has accelerated rapidly in a specific direction, braked suddenly, turned sharply or travelled over bumps at high speed. Examined as a whole, this data creates a clear picture of what your taxi has been through.

The benefits of Camera Taxi Insurance are clear. The Smart Witness camera's data is proof against false claims or incorrect convictions; can help you to retain your No Claims Bonus when you weren't at fault; has refuted incorrect witness testimony and prevented unsafe convictions; and provides invaluable peace of mind.

Camera Taxi Insurance has allowed independent taxi drivers as well as fleet owners to safeguard their vehicles, No Claims Bonuses and their livelihood. This isn't the same as Telematics Insurance, which focuses on monitoring the behaviour of a driver (although statistics show that drivers are more cautious when the Smart Witness is in place); it's about keeping insurance premiums down, whilst keeping the roads safe.

Camera Taxi Insurance in action...

Watch the video below for an insight into the value of Camera Taxi Insurance. The motorcyclist claimed that the driver of the vehicle was on the wrong side of the road; with no witnesses, it would have been impossible for the driver to dispute this, which could have resulted in the loss of No Claims Discount as well as a substantial claim against the driver. However, the video shows that the motorcyclist lost control and slid into the vehicle - so thanks to the right Camera Taxi Insurance policy and the Smart Witness camera, the driver was cleared of any blame.

Interested in Camera Taxi Insurance?

To find out more about Camera Taxi Insurance, contact the BP Insurance Brokers team at any of our offices; Cleveleys 01253 863636, Lancaster 01524 63740, St Annes 01253 781007, or use the link above to request a quote.

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