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Be Prepared

Insurance claims for Lancaster

We're passionate about providing a thorough insurance service, so
we've prepared this list of things to remember if you ever need
to make a claim. An accident can be upsetting, but
following this list can make a big difference
to the success of your insurance claim.

Follow the steps below to make a claim...

Insurance claim information from BP Insurance Brokers

1. Here to help

You can contact BP Insurance
during our working hours
of 09:00-17:30 on weekdays
and 09:00-12:00 on Saturdays.

2. Call us

Call BP Insurance to
start your insurance claim.
The helpline number you need
is in your policy booklet.

3. Keep costs down

Complete emergency repairs
to reduce your loss:
make a damaged roof watertight,
stop a water leak, secure a broken window.

4. Don't jump the gun

the whole of the repairs
without authorisation from
BP Insurance.

5. A second opinion

You should always
obtain two estimates
for the necessary repairs
before you agree to anything.

Car Insurance claims with BP Insurance Brokers

1. Who's at fault?

Do not admit blame
at the scene of the accident;
this could negate your policy.
Never offer a settlement.

2. Safety measures

Call 999 (or 112 from a mobile)
immediately if anyone is injured
or the incident has caused
a hazardous situation.

3. Exchange details

Exchange contact details
and insurance details
with the third party
and with
anyone who witnessed the accident.

4. Take pictures

If possible, take pictures of the scene
and of damage to any vehicles involved.
Alternatively, draw a sketch showing
the positions of the vehicles.

5. Call us and claim

Contact BP Insurance Brokers
as soon as possible on 0345 274 66 37
to report the accident and
get your claim underway.

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